ITTF Para Table Tennis Communication 2008


Here are the official statements from Para Table Tennis and meeting minutes.
You can find also the reports of technical delegates about last tournaments.
Archives of past years are also available.

Official Statements and Meeting Minutes

Date Contributor Summary
7 October 2008 Nico Verspeelt General information about the 2010 World Championships in Gwangju, Korea.
20 August 2008 Nico Verspeelt Errors in SF6-7: wrong order. Adjusted ranking list and seedings.
9 August 2008 Karol Ziduliak Proposal for change of the service rule when the receiver is in wheelchair.
9 August 2008 Nico Verspeelt Seedings for the team events in Beijing 2008.
17 July 2008 Nico Verspeelt Beijing 2008: adjusted ranking list for women 1-2, 6-7 and men 4-5, 9-10.
16 July 2008 Nico Verspeelt Important documents from Beijing's Technical Delegate and Referee:
2 July 2008 Nico Verspeelt Due to the rejection of Raissa Tchebanika (RUS), the selection committee has given the slot to Yuliya Klymenko (UKR). Here are the modification in women singles class 7.
22 June 2008 Nico Verspeelt Due to the withdraw of two selected ladies by the Netherland's NPC, the selection committee has replaced these two slots with the agreement of the IPC. Here are the modifications in singles and teams selections in the impacted classes.
3 June 2008 Karol Ziduliak Communication about testing procedure for harmful volatile solvents at Paralympic Games 2008.
24 April 2008 Nico Verspeelt Update of the selection documents for Beijing 2008:
    As France rejected the selection of Chataigner M9, the reallocation goes, according to the Qualification Guide, to the highest ranked athlete on the adjusted ranking M9-10 who is
    Due to the rejection of two players from CZE (one selected and one on the reallocation priority list), we have to reallocate one slot in M4-5 event.
    According to the Qualification Guide, the reallocation goes to the highest ranked athlete on the adjusted ranking M4-5 who is
New selection documents:
20 March 2008 Nico Verspeelt Selection documents for Beijing 2008: Please send your acceptances or rejections to Nico Verspeelt, ITTF PTT Selection Officer , before April 4, 2008.
16 January 2008 Nico Verspeelt Beijing 2008 pre-selection documents.All documents have to be sent to the ITTF Para Table Tennis Selection Officer ONLY. The "Bipartite Commission Invitation Allocation" request form will be sent by the IPC to all NPCs very soon.
10 January 2008 Silas Chiang Minutes of the General Assembly of the 2007 Asian and Oceanian Championships in Seoul.

Technical Delegates Reports

Date Technical delegate Tournament
12 August 2008 Leandro Olvech TD inspection report for the Fekoor Open.
10 July 2008 Margita Homolova 2nd Romania Open (Cluj Napoca).
4 July 2008 Nico Verspeelt 4th German Open (Wuppertal).
15 June 2008 Franz Twardy Slovakia Open (Piestany)
3 June 2008 Nico Verspeelt 5th Open Terme Lasko
3 June 2008 Nico Verspeelt 1st Austrian-Burgendland Open (Steinbrunn)
28 May 2008 Leadro Olvech Polish Open 2008 (Cetniewo)
28 May 2008 Franz Twardy Liverpool Open 2008
20 April 2008 Jiri Danek Al Watani Table Tennis Championships 2008 (Amman)
4 February 2008 Nico Verspeelt Inspection Report – Stenibrunn - Austria

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