ITTF Para Table Tennis Communication 2009


Here are the official statements from Para Table Tennis and meeting minutes.
You can find also the reports of technical delegates about last tournaments.
Archives of past years are also available.

Official Statements and Meeting Minutes

Date Contributor Summary
16 December 2009 Alison Burchell Minutes of PTT division meeting in Genoa in June 2009.
8 July 2009 Nico Verspeelt Updated general informations about the 2010 World Championships and the selection process.
The changes are highlighted in yellow; the most important ones are the date change and 2 additional slots for women.

During the Annual General Meeting in Yokohama, Japan April 30th, the new Para Table Tennis Division was elected. The Division is elected for the next 2 years, until the A.G.M. in Rotterdam, Netherlands May 2011. 8 "full members", 6 "corresponding members" and 1 "advisor" were elected. Here is the detailed list.

The "old Table Tennis Committee" and the "new Para Table Tennis Division" will meet in Genova, Italy during the European Championships June 2009. In this "Division meeting" very important items on the agenda will be to define working areas, responsibilities, meeting rights, voting rights etc for each elected person. Other items on the agenda will be decided until May 15th.

During the Championships in Genova, Italy an informal meeting with the European nations will be organized June 10th, the "free day" of the Championships.

1 April 2009 Øivind Eriksen
Jiri Danek
An important announce about factor 20 tournaments in 2010
21 March 2009 Øivind Eriksen Since World Championships are going to have KO system for teams, as per of the Rules and Regulations the upcoming Regional Championships must use the KO system for teams also.
16 March 2009 Alison Burchell Minutes of a PTT meeting in Lausanne in February 2009.
12 March 2009 Nico Verspeelt Two important notes about factor 40 and 2010 World Championships.
Chinese translation
4 March 2009 Leandro Olvech Letter of resignation of Leandro Olvech in English and in Spanish.

Technical Delegates Reports

Date Technical delegate Tournament
5 November 2009 Jiri Danek Report of 1st Rivas Vaciamadrid international open.
10 September 2009 Players’ Committee Reply to TD report for Slovakia Open 2009 (Piestany).
24 June 2009 Steven Lee Arafura Games 2009 (Darwin).
24 June 2009 Franz Twardy Romania Open 2009 (Cluj Napoca).
24 June 2009 Jiri Danek Slovakia Open 2009 (Piestany).
12 May 2009 Nico Verspeelt 6rh Slovenian Open (Terme Lasko).
23 April 2009 Alison Burchell Site inspection report for the 2010 world championships in Gwangju.
20 April 2009 Zahra Yousefi 2nd Al Watani TT Championships (Amman)
8 April 2009 Margita Homolova
Franz Twardy
Hungarian Open (Budapest)
28 January 2009 Nico Verspeelt Margarita Island Championships
20 January 2009 Karol Ziduliak Copa Tango VI (Buenos Aires)

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