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Here are the official statements from IPTTC and meeting minutes.
You can find also the reports of technical delegates about last tournaments.
Archives of past years are also available.
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Official Statements and Meeting Minutes

Date Contributor Summary
25 June 2007 Nico Verspeelt Selection officer Nico Verspeelt explains the reasons for format of play change in Beijing 2008.
25 June 2007 Nico Verspeelt Selection officer Nico Verspeelt further clarifies general information about 2007 regional championships.
13 May 2007 Nico Verspeelt General information about 2007 Regional Championships and Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.
27 March 2007 Ela Madejska Report about a coaching seminar held in Egypt.
27 February 2007 Alison Burchell Minutes of a meeting of the IPC Table Tennis STC held in January 2007 in Bonn.
17 February 2007 Jiri Danek Important note about the regional championships 2009, the deadline for sending the (new) application form has been set to June, 30th this year. Additionally, here is a summary of basic conditions required for a regional championship.
14 February 2007 Nico Verspeelt Important clarifications from selection officer about regional championships.
4 February 2007 Alison Burchell The IPTTC is pleased to announce that with the support of Donic, we have approved the Waldner SC table for use in IPTTC tournaments. If you are interested in purchasing this, please contact your local Donic supplier or Peter Becker at donic-Peter.Becker@t-online.de.
2 February 2007 Alison Burchell The regional championships for Africa, as part of the All Africa Games, has been taken off our tournament calendar. This has been necessitated by the fact that unlike in 2003, the Supreme Council of Sport in Africa on the recommendation of the organisers in Algeria decided not to include table tennis and 2 other Paralympic sports but to include 2 new team sports. Thus the IPTTC is searching for a new candidate to host the event as a matter of urgency. If you are interested, please ensure that your NPC makes contact with our Tournament Officer as soon as possible.

Technical Delegates Reports

Date Technical delegate Tournament
2 June 2008 Benedito Rodrigues de Oliveira Copa Tango V (Buenos Aires)
2 June 2008 Benedito Rodrigues de Oliveira Atlantic Cup (Mar del Plata)
2 June 2008 Jiri Danek Jordanian Open (Amman)
2 June 2008 Øivind Eriksen Lignano Master Open 2007 (Lignano)
23 January 2008 Franz Twardy Croatian Open 2007 (Pula)
20 January 2008 Jiri Danek Trofeo del Mediterraneo 2007 (Agrigento)
10 January 2008 Silas Chiang Asian and Oceanian Championships 2007 (Seoul)
9 January 2008 Margita Homolova US Open 2007 (Chicago)
28 October 2007 Steven Lee IWAS Games (Hong Kong)
30 September 2007 Margita Homolova German Open 2007 (Wuppertal)
6 September 2007 Leandro Olvech ParaPanam Games (Rio de Janeiro)
7 July 2007 Steven Lee Hong Kong Open
7 July 2007 Margita Homolova Polish Open
23 June 2007 Nico Verspeelt Slovakia Open (Piestany)
23 June 2007 Nico Verspeelt HIT Open (Kranjska Gora)
23 June 2007 Margita Homolova Serbia Open 2007 (Novi Sad)
30 May 2007 Steven Lee Arafura Games 2007 (Darwin).
22 May 2007 Jiri Danek Romanian International TT Open (Cluj-Napoca).
15 May 2007 Zahra Yousefi Czech Open (Ostrava).
15 May 2007 Leandro Olvech Irish Open (Dublin).
15 May 2007 Leandro Olvech TD inspection (Köln).

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