ITTC Communication for 2002


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Official Statements and Meeting Minutes

Date Contributor Summary
7 November 2002 Silas Chiang Minutes of the meeting of the nations participating to FESPIC Games.
24 October 2002 Leandro Olvech Report on 1st ATTC seminar.
2 October 2002 Alison Burchell Minutes of the TT SAEC meetings held in Taipei.
9 September 2002 Alison Burchell Minutes of the Africa/Middle-East Regional Assembly held in Taipei.
6 September 2002 Alison Burchell Minutes of the General Assembly held in Taipei.
4 August 2002 Nico Verspeelt Minutes of an unformal meeting in Roermond about WTC with participating countries.
2 August 2002 Nico Verspeelt Corrections to Taipei seeding order for team events (Excel or PDF)
1 August 2002 Nico Verspeelt Taipei World Championships 2002, lists including seeding order:
11 July 2002 Nico Verspeelt New classification system - proposals to be explained during the General Assembly in Taïpei:
24 June 2002 Christian Lillieroos Chairman Christian Lillieroos interview on
24 June 2002 Nico Verspeelt Teams composition and ranking for Roermond.
Important: All participating countries should check the name of players and notify any change to Nico Verspeelt before June, 30th.
27 May 2002 Nico Verspeelt Decisions of board of protest for Taïpei 2002.
24 May 2002 Nico Verspeelt Taïpei classification seminar: information for candidates and participation form.
9 May 2002 Alison Burchell Documentation package sent to contries for Taipei 2002 Sport Assembly
1 May 2002 Nico Verspeelt Protests received about wild card and team target player serlection for Taipei 2002.
23 April 2002 Alison Burchell Criteria for nomination to Laureus World Sport Awards.
27 March 2002 Nico Verspeelt Classification documents:
  • Classfication change proposal (Word, PDF)
  • Standard of classifiers (Word, PDF)
  • Classification seminar information for 20-30 tournaments (Word, PDF)
  • Classification seminar information for 50-80 tournaments (Word, PDF)
20 March 2002 Alison Burchell Minutes of a meeting of the ITTC SAEC held on 26-27 January 2002 in Roermond
19 March 2002 Nico Verspeelt World Championships 2002: error in men class 8 selection.
18 March 2002 Nico Verspeelt World Cup Roermond 2002:
11 March 2002 Nico Verspeelt Selection documents for Taipei World Championships 2002:
10 March 2002 Nico Verspeelt Selection documents for World Team Cup 2002:
23 February 2002 Nico Verspeelt Wild cards and team target players selection procedure for World Championships 2002
22 February 2002 Gaël Marziou New domain name for our web site.
14 February 2002 Christian Lillieroos Trip report in China.
23 January 2002 Nico Verspeelt Correction of selection in men class 8 for World Championships 2002

Technical Delegates Reports

Date Technical delegate Tournament
30 November 2002 Silas Chiang FESPIC Games 2002
21 November 2002 Nico Verspeelt Alukor Cup 2002
28 July 2002 Christian Lillieroos US Open 2002
28 July 2002 Jiri Danek 6th British Open Wheelchair TT Championships Cardiff 2002
28 July 2002 Jiri Danek Slovak Open Piestany 2002
19 July 2002 Nico Verspeelt 1st World Table Tennis Team Cup: Roermond 2002
29 May 2002 Nico Verspeelt International Italian TT Master: Bibione 2002
12 May 2002 Jiri Danek Irish Open 2002
17 January 2002 Christian Lillieroos 1st ParaPanam championships 2001
17 January 2002 Nico Verspeelt Azur Open: Saint Raphaël 2001

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