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Official Statements and Meeting Minutes

Date Contributor Summary
10 November 2006 IPTTC and ITTF Some reports from Montreux 2006 World Championships:
10 October 2006 IPTTC IPTTC expresses its gratefulness to chariman Christian Lillieroos and technical officer Raúl Calín who resigned in Montreux.
29 August 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships: due to illness, Dollmann (AUT) will not be present during the WC. He will be replaced by Kramminger (AUT) - special alternate for Austria and alternate in best position. Updated selections in men class 3: singles and teams.
25 August 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships schedule: time table update and draws schedule.
19 August 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships: due to the withdrawal from Patrick HOEGSTEDT (illness) - SWE - M5 and to internal problems in FRA NPC, see modifications in singles M5 - M8 and in teams M8.
15 August 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships schedule.
1 August 2006 Nico Verspeelt World Championships 2006 - Final selections with some changes due to withdrawals: singles and teams.
3 May 2006 Nico Verspeelt Final selection for 2006 World Championships of Montreux in singles and team event and the "Board of Protest" report.
23 April 2006 Carsten Mortensen Article about a Danish development project in Ghana and related pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4 .
3 April 2006 Nico Verspeelt Due to the rejection of the selected lady Forough BAKHTIARI from IRI and the decision from FRA to let their two ladies in alternate position, the selection committee decide to replace Forough BAKHTIARI by the next alternate in order of ranking Mc CARRON Rena from IRL.
Updated selections in SF3 and TF1-3
14 March 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships 2006 selections documents: due to the rejection of ONO Hatsuo, player from JPN, see correction on the selections in men class 6.
10 March 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux World Championships 2006 selections documents:
15 February 2006 Alison Burchell Minutes of the SAEC meeting in Bonn in 21-22 January 2006.
3 February 2006 Nico Verspeelt Note on classification changes and WC selections.
7 January 2006 Nico Verspeelt Selection for Montreux 2006 World Championships:
7 January 2006 Alison Burchell Results of postal vote held during November 2005 - January 2006.

Technical Delegates Reports

Date Technical delegate Tournament
28 December 2006 Leandro Olvech US Open (Las Vegas).
9 December 2006 Nico Verspeelt Copa Tango IV (Buenos Aires).
10 November 2006 Nico Verspeelt Montreux 2006 World Championships.
6 September 2006 Franz Twardy 2nd German Open in Wuppertal.
24 June 2006 Margita Homolova Polish Open 2006 (Wladyslawowo - Cetniewo)
13 June 2006 Jiri Danek Tetra Open of Cologne.
10 June 2006 Nico Verspeelt 3rd Open Terme Lasko.
7 June 2006 Leandro Olvech Slovakia Open (Piestany).
14 May 2006 Steven Lee Commonwealth Games 2006 (Melbourne).
19 April 2006 Leandro Olvech 1st Panazol Tetra tournament (Panazol).
19 April 2006 Jiri Danek Serbia Open 2006 (Novi Sad).
26 March 2006 Margita Homolova City of Liverpool Open 2006 (Liverpool)
8 February 2006 Jiri Danek Africa/Middle-East Championships 2005 (Cairo)

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