ITTF Para Table Tennis Players' Committee
Last update on Sunday February 25, 2018

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Date Description
2018-02-25 The players' committee has setup an online questionnaire in order to assess 201 tournaments quality. It's also available in top menu on home page and calendar page.
2016-05-24 The players' committee has setup an online questionnaire in order to assess 2016 tournaments quality. It's also available in top menu on home page.
2013-06-11 The players' committee has setup an online questionnaire in order to assess 2013 tournaments quality. It's also available in left menu on home page.
2012-02-16 The players' committee has setup an online questionnaire in order to assess tournaments quality.
2011-04-12 Minutes of meeting in Lignano 2011.
Answers from PTT division.
Mission statement
  • be the true voice for athletes from all countries;
  • represent the best interests of current and future Para- TT athletes;
  • keep the athletes informed at all times with current news and talking points;
  • create a forum whereby players can state their viewpoints, concerns and suggestions in order;
  • put forward all players' suggestions and concerns to the PTT Division even if a different opinion is held by the members of the Players' Committee;
  • advocate for safe playing conditions and adequate accomodation at all tournaments.
Objectives of the members of the players' committee
  • act as good role models advocating fair play, no doping, no cheating;
  • inspire and motivate athletes' involvement and participation in Para-TT;
  • organize players' open meetings at certain competitions annually in order to encourage viewpoints and concerns regarding anything to do with Para-TT;
  • be prepared to convene an unscheduled players' meeting if an urgent problem arises;
  • maintain a high focus on quality improvement in tournaments including accessibility and classification issues;
  • work on the improvement of sport values, and respect;
  • encourage participation from the 1-2 classes, female players and developing countries;
  • promote integrated sport for disabled athletes and cooperate with existing international/national structures (ITTF, IPC, IOC, NPCs, etc);
  • advocate for equal recognition and prizes in comparison with able-bodied table tennis;
  • become the liaison with the ITTF Athletes' Commission as well as with the IPC Athletes' Commission.
  • maintain a high democratic profile in both Committees without displaying any prejudice or promoting self concerns.
The players' committee can be contacted via this mailing list: and on Facebook
Dorota Buclaw
Portrait of Dorota Buclaw
What I would like to do : everything what will be te best for each class in Para Table Tennis.
Listen to the players and their propositions. Of course try to solve them with other members of PC and PTT.
Alena Kanova
Portrait of Alena Kanova
Alena Kanova competes in international table tennis tournaments since 1996. She represented Slovakia on 4 summer Paralympic Games and one winter one. She has got 4 medals in singles events. She is serving her 2nd term as a member of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission and ITTF PTT Players Committee and many Slovakian Paralympic organizations.
As a graduated lawyer she'd like to have a fairer and clearer system of classification, rankings and tournaments, as the ITTF AC member she is the voince of all PTT players regarding rules changes and so on.
She's given up playing curling so that she'd be able to raise her newborn daughter Nina.
Gabriel Copola
Portrait of Gabriel Copola
Americas Representative elected at the Para Pan American Games 2015.
José Manuel Ruiz
Portrait of José Manuel Ruiz
Europe Representative elected at the European Championships 2015.
Trevor Hirth
Portrait of Trevor Hirth
Trevor Hirth is a current Class 6 representative from Australia, who made his international debut at the Thailand Para Open 2013.
Trevor was elected as the Oceania Representative in July 2015 and was elevated to Chairperson in November 2015. Trevor believes in growing Para Table Tennis and he will fight to improve playing & accommodation conditions as well as fairness in competition.
Outside of table tennis Trevor is a mad sports fan and also plays bass guitar in a heavy metal band!
Maha Al Bargouthi
Portrait of Maha Al Bargouthi
I was a wheelchair sprinter since 1984 and was a World record holder of the 100 meters sprint in 1996 in the World Para Athletics Championship, then I decided to switch to Table Tennis.
I believed that table tennis was a sport more people with disabilities could afford to play and more importantly, make it a good means of integration for people with disabilities into the community that's why i nominated myself for or the ITTF/PTT Players’ Committee for 2016-18 to work on overcome obstacles to persons with disabilities in Jordan and Asia, And trying to figure out the up confront problems and try to find appropriate solutions.
I'm the only Class 1 female player and has to play against those in Class 2, physically much stronger player.
And as long as I live and having strength I will be always a strong voice for persons with disabilities.
Sameh Mohammed Eid Abdel Aziz Saleh
Portrait of Sameh Eid
Occupation. Works in the consulting firm stations wattage (Bejescu)
Best leagues. Bronze 2012 London Olympics
Fourth Beijing Olympics Klaas Center 4.5 in 2004
And 2010 World Championship bronze North Korea teams and fourth singles
China 2014 World Cup bronze Klaas teams 4 center from the fifth to the eighth singles
Africa champion from 99 to 2015
The best player in Africa and the Middle East 2003/2005/2009
After entering the wishes of the Committee on the players Affairs Committee that the evolution in the game and be in the interests of all the players in the world
Wishing that the International Union (Commission Alberatypol tennis is based on the finding financier) (SponsorPay) in order to be similar tournaments to tournaments as I hope the work of bad eggs championship or two tournaments at the level of the African continent to supply the spread of the game in Africa with my wishes