ITTF Para Table Tennis Classification
Last update on Friday September 1, 2017

Date Description
18 August 2017 ITTF PTT class 11 players list - updated on August 2017
10 May 2017 ITTF PTT class 11 players list - updated on May 2017
02 May 2017
2017 – Classification, seminar, review, protest - updated on 02 May
During 2017, seminar, ID classification, review, re-evaluation and protest will be handled as indicated on the attached document.
Classification calendar
Not any additional seminar level A will be allowed as well as changes on the specific places decided for ID classification, review and re-evaluation or protest.
15 February 2017 2017 ITTF PTT Oceania Regional Championships Classification Seminar
18 December 2016 ITTF PTT class 11 players list - December 2016
12 December 2016
2017 – Classification, seminar, review, protest
During 2017, seminar, ID classification, review, re-evaluation and protest will be handled as indicated on the attached document.
Classification calendar
Not any additional seminar level A will be allowed as well as changes on the specific places decided for ID classification, review and re-evaluation or protest.
11 November 2016 ITTF PTT class 11 players list - November 2016
31 August 2016 Classification seminar in Argentina
Deadline to submit application is 01st November 2016!

Classification seminar in Las Vegas
Deadline to submit application is 15th November 2016!
02 July 2016 ITTF PTT class 11 players list as of July 2016.
22 March 2016
Classification of class 11 players and re-evaluation and/or protest of all classes:
- Classification for the class 11 players will be organized in El Prat de Llobregat (ESP) and Pattaya (THA).
- Re-evaluation and/or protest will NOT be organized before the Paralympic Games Rio 2016.
More information will be announced in time.
03 January 2016
Classification: All new youth players classified during the U23 tournament organized before another normal tournament can take part immediately on the normal tournament and consequently have not to be classified on the date of the first entry ! Our goal is to promote the youth tournament !
21 June 2015 ITTF PTT class 11 players list as of June 2015.
25 January 2015 Updated list of certified classifiers.
Classification procedure for players with intellectual disabilities.
2 October 2014

Class 11 classification
Full classification procedures including “Computer testing” and the “Wasi test” will be organized during all Regional Championships in 2015 and in Nantes (France) in June 2015 and Taichung (Chinese Taipei) in September 2015.

Classification seminar
A classification seminar level B/C, including ID classification, will be offered during the European Championships 2015. In the other Regions, we are waiting for confirmation from the organizers if they wish to host a seminar and will confirm if requests are received from level A classifiers.
A classification seminar level A, ID classification not included, will be conducted if the organizers of factor 20 or factor 50 tournaments request.
Seminars which will be organized will be published on our calendar as soon as PTT has been contacted and confirms the seminar.

17 June 2013 Intellectually disabled : next classifications
  1. At factor 20 tournaments (Icheon and Ostrava) – only practical classification for new players !
  2. At Regional Championships (Lignano, Beijing, Canberra) – full classification for new players and players to confirm !
Athletes with an intellectual disability (Class 11) who wish to compete in this events and undergo International Classification MUST be listed on the INAS Classification Master List under the sport of ‘Table Tennis’. Information on how to register through INAS-FID can be retrieved from here . ATTENTION : information about needed arrival date and time can be found in PTT calendar – prospectus point 4 and 12.

The ITTF PTT Classification Committee has decided on the follow classification possibilities (note that some of these tournaments have to be approved):
  1. Eger – Hungary (Europe)
  2. Suwon – Korea (Asia)
  3. Cairo – Egypt (Africa)
  4. Ostrava – Czech Republic (Europe)
Only the practical PTT testing will be organised in these 4 tournaments and all new ID players will receive a REVIEW status till the relevant Regional Championships where the computer testing and practical PTT testing will be organised and the status of review players confirmed or changed !

All new players with a review status will be able to take part in all PTT events during 2013 once they have participated in one of the four Fa20 tournaments listed or in the respective regional championships.

IMPORTANT, to be accepted for classification, new class 11 players MUST already have been included in the INAS primary eligibility master list and entries must be submitted by the respective national association.
13 February 2013 Classification Seminars 2013:
  • Level B/C will be hosted in the European Regional Championship in Lignano, Italy, and Asian Regional Championship in Beijing, China.
  • Level A will be hosted in the Oceania Regional Championship in Canberra, Australia.
  • Classification for ID Players will be at European, Asian and Oceania Regional Championships.
26 January 2012
Classification seminars for 2012 – 2013.

Two classification seminars Level A will take place in 2012, during Fa 20 tournaments. These will be in Eger, Hungary in 2/3.2012 and San Diego, USA in 11/12 2012 (please see the calendar for details).

Seminars will be facilitated by Juraj Stefak and Sheng Kwang Wu, and the content will consist of medical, technical and ID training.

The target group is new candidates who wish to become a Level A classifier, or also as a “refresher” seminar for classifiers who have not been active for a long time. For new candidates it is obligatory to have a medical or technical TT background.

For the year 2013 we are considering organising seminars for Level B during the Regional championships but more information will be made available once the plans have been finalised.

Juraj Stefak, Medical officer
13 December 2011 With the inclusion of class 11 players during the course of 2011, we have considered the best way to continue the process in the lead up to the Paralympic Games to be held in London in 2012. Thus the PTT Division has approved the following:
  1. We will have classification at 2 Fa20 events in 2012 - Hungary and USA
  2. All other Fa20 events are open only to those class 11 with a confirmed status (C status)
  3. All Fa40 events will be open to class 11 with a C status.
  4. If a new class 11 player wishes to enter an event, he or she can only enter for the events in Hungary and USA were classification is available.
Should you have any questions, please contact Nico Verspeelt or Alison Burchell.
31 May 2011 Official classification re-evaluation list for 2011.
15 March 2011 All players who are in class 5 who did not participate in the 2010 ITTF PTT World Championships should ensure that they participate in a Factor 20 event prior to participating in the regional championships. Since the confirmation of the minimum eligibility for sitting players, it has been necessary for all players in class 5 to be reviewed. This would also help you to meet the tournament credit of 80 set for qualification for the Paralympic Games.
Should you have any questions, please contact Nico Verspeelt .
15 February 2011 All players and managers should note the changes to the classification procedure in operation with effect from 1 January 2011. For classification re-evaluations needs in factor 40, a new form will be used. Should there be any questions, please contact the Classification Secretary (Nico Verspeelt).
Reports of classifications done during tournaments.

Year Tournament
2017 2017 PTT Asia Regional Championships
2017 PTT Korea Open
2017 PTT Spanish Open Ciutat del Prat Junior Tournament
2017 PTT Spanish Open Ciutat del Prat Open
2017 PTT Slovenia Open
2017 PTT Oceania Regional Championships
2017 Youth Parapan Games
2017 PTT RITTO Open
2017 PTT RITTO Junior Tournament
2017 PTT Lignano Junior Tournament
2017 PTT Hungarian Open
2016 2016 PTT US Open Open
2016 PTT Costa Rica Open
2016 PTT Copa Tango Open
2016 PTT Chile Open
2016 PTT Thailand Open
2016 PTT Indonesia Open
RITTO - 2016 PTT Romania Open
III. Para TT Open Ciutat del Prat- 2016 PTT Spanish Open
Lignano Juniors
2015 Copa Chile
Copa Tango
Asian Championships 2015
Belgium Open
Al Watani Championships
European Championships
African Championships
Morocco Open
Czech Open
Spanish Open
Para Pan American Games
Cluj Napoca
2014 San Jose
Buenos Aires
Stoke Mandeville
El Prat Llobregat
Santiago de Chile
2013 African Championships
Para PanAmerican Championships
Mike Dempsey Memorial International Table Tennis Championships
Taichung Open
Copa Tango
Belgium Open
Asian Youth Para Games
Asian Championships
Parapan Youth Games
European Championships
Czech Open
2012 San Diego
Copa Tango
French Open
Romania Open
Korean Veterans PTT Tournament
Al Watani Championships
Hungarian Open
2011 Asian & Oceania Regional Championships
IWAS World Games
Tango Cup IX
Korean Veterans PTT Tournament
Para Pan American Games
African Championships
Taichung Open
European Championships
Czech Open
Copa Costa Rica
Bayreuth Open
US Open
Thailand Open
Romania Open
Arafura Games
Slovenia Open
IWAS World Junior Games
Al Watani Championships
Hungary Open
2010 Asian Games
Beijing Open
Copa Tango
Brazil Open
World Championships
Medical officer: WU Sheng Kuang
Classification secretary: Emese Barsai