ITTF Para Table Tennis Ranking Lists
Junior Women class 4 as of 2018-08-01

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RankPlayer IDNameCountry Region RatingPrevious Rating
13704MIKOLASCHEK SandraGEREurope13221322
24793GU XiaodanCHNAsia11811181
35082VASILEVA AleksandraRUSEurope10261026
44845SHACKLETON MeganGBREurope985985
55486OLUK IremTUREurope927927
65781SRINGAM WassanaTHAAsia890897

Active unrated players

Player IDNameCountryRegion
3348GUAPI GUZMAN ManuelaCOLAmericas
5661RAGAZZINI CarlottaITAEurope
5867YOSUPOV MichaelaISREurope
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