History of this site for January, February and March 2000

30 March 2000 Added a note about ranking list of April being delayed by 2 weeks.
Updated wild card and TTP requests summary with Korea and Egypt, Russia is still missing
Small cosmetics changes in home page only visible with IE4 and Netscape 4
28 March 2000 Irish Open approved as 20, calendar updated.
27 March 2000 Class 11 event has been added to Croatia Open in calendar.
25 March 2000 Updated information on US Open in calendar.
24 March 2000 Tournament in Austria has been withdrawn, calendar has been updated.
22 March 2000 Added a link to web site French top 16 in calendar.
16 March 2000 Calendar updated with Lommel tournament.
14 March 2000 Added Cambodia's request to summary of all requests.
12 March 2000 Summary of all requests for wild cards and team target players received for Sydney.
9 March 2000 Members page updated with Silias Chang's e-mail address.
8 March 2000 Calendar updated with new tournaments: British Wheelchair Open and Trofeo Del Mediterraneo.
3 March 2000 Status on 38mm ball in Sydney and next.
Entry form of Croatian Open in calendar page.
27 February 2000 Calendar updated with un-official information.
26 February 2000 Croatia Open information updated in calendar.
20 February 2000 Official minutes of the Copenhagen meeting (October 1999, 22-24) in communication page.
14 February 2000 Updated players profiles with results of 1990 world championships.
13 February 2000 Added e-mail address of 'Belgian Sports Federation for the Disabled' to addresses.
11 February 2000 Updated Croatia Open information in calendar.
Archived news of last 4 months.
6 February 2000 Added teams slots to Sydney information.
31 January 2000 Added TD reports of some past tournaments in communication page.
30 January 2000 Sydney FAQ updated.
Error fixed in SM1 podium of PanAm championships
26 January 2000 Added a selection page for Sydney.
20 January 2000 Updated Calendar 2000.
5 January 2000 Official January 2000 ranking list updated.
Last update still available here.