History of this site for April, May and June 2000

27 June 2000 Added results and ranking points of Croatian Open.
Added number of players and countries to tournaments results pages.
Added a new question and answer to Sydney FAQ.
22 June 2000 Added Australia to addresses.
21 June 2000 Changed photo of Gilles De La Bourdonnaye.
20 June 2000 Added a link to Dublin's tournament website for the results.
US Open entries list in Excel format.
14 June 2000 Players profiles updated with results of European Top 16 and French championships.
13 June 2000 Added Iceland to addresses.
7 June 2000 Added information about the classification seminar that will be held during US Open.
Added Canada to addresses.
Added photography of Edmilson Matias.
Removed outdated links to old IPC web site from addresses page.
Fixed translation button to forums messages.
30 May 2000 Calendar updated with 2001 FESPIC Championships.
29 May 2000 Calendar updated with town of 2001 European Championships.
14 May 2000 Palestine tournament has been cancelled, organizers hope to be able to conduct it in 2001.As such, it has been removed from calendar.
9 May 2000 Added a link to official German site for wheelchair players.
5 May 2000 Added a translation button under forums message. This should help those that does not master enough English, do not expect miracles though.
2 May 2000 Updated design of players profiles and results pages.
Added photographies for following players:
27 April 2000 Added a new forum about ranking system discussions.
25 April 2000 Calendar updated with new Portogruaro tournament and Budapest new dates.
Updated Aksel and Margit Beckmann fax number in members page.
21 April 2000 I played a little with 'cascading style sheets', this should improve the overall look of pages but main improvements should be visible only using Internet Explorer 4 or higher version.
This will bring more flexibility regarding look and feel in future.
18 April 2000 Calendar updated with dates of European Championships.
17 April 2000 Calendar updated with Florence tournament cancellation.
15 April 2000 Players profiles updated with North West Open results.
14 April 2000 New improved forum.
April ranking list is out.
Added a link web site of Dublin Open to calendar.
Updated Vincent Boury's e-mail address in members pages.
12 April 2000 Added the ranking points of NorthWest Open.
Calendar updated, Dublin Open added one day of competition.
8 April 2000 The long awaited final selection for Sydney is here.
6 April 2000 US Open contact and last entry date added, calendar updated.