To all athletes

Hello all,

Let me remind you that I was elected as your athlete representative during the recent World’s Championships in Paris. I will be in the International Table Tennis Committee until the next Paralympic Games, in Sydney 2000.

During this period, my role will mainly to be "your voice" for any problems or suggestions dealing with our table tennis activity. Most of us have some reservations to do about different subjects, such as : ranking system, organisations, lack of information, accommodation, classification, rules and regulation, unbalanced regions in the world, etc.

What I am hoping is that all of you can bring your ideas about the current state of our sport. I guess that there will be some criticizing opinions, but I also would like you to give your new ideas, your projects in order for us to improve our sport.

Some of you have already started to give me some suggestions during the competition in Paris, and I hope to have much more to bring on board to the ITTC team, because all what we can say as players is the probably the best opportunity to make progress in our sporting arena.

In order to communicate with each other, I propose to use the conventional mail (my address is available in the ITTC members page), and electronic mail, so fast and convenient. I will soon organise a Web-forum, on the ITTC web site, where we can exchange some ideas.

I would be pleased if you can give me one named contact in every country, even if this contact is not the official Chairman of your National Table Tennis Organisation. I hope you will find the possibility to have an athlete representing each country. My aim is that we can easily exchange ideas, projects and suggestions about our sport if we can do it between table tennis players.

Finally, never hesitate to contact me if you think I can help you or give more informations. If we work together, we can make things a lot better for the future of our sport.

Best regards,

Vincent Boury

ITTC Athlete representative