Dear ITTC related and interested Table Tennis enthusiasts.
The International Table Tennis Committee for the disabled has finally 
caught up with the communication age. We are now officially announcing 
our new webpage.

The two web masters that we have is first from Taiwan Dr. Chi-Shih Wu, 
who is also the very hard working ranking officer for ITTC. He has 
established a new ranking program that is helping our progres of the 
results tremendously. He is also working on a selection program for our 
Selection chair Massimo Bernadoni that we soon will release, that will 
make it possible for everyone to monitor and follow the fair but 
complicated selection progress to our world events, the World 
Championships and the Paralympics.
Our other webmaster is Gael Marziou from Grenoble, France. He is a 
professional computer prgrammer and is also a competitive class 3 table 
tennis player, who has been very generous in letting us borrow his 
expertise from the computer industry.

Things to see on the website is the newly released Rules and Regulation 
handbook, that you can read or download directly from the website. This 
mammut task has been completed by our rules and regulations officer Aksel 
Beckmann from Denmark.
You can also see the new ranking of course and have a directory of the 
ITTC members, where almost everyone is available on e-mail.
Have fun and look it up on a regular basis almost every answer you can 
imagine could be answered on the webpage.

Christian Lillieroos
ITTC Chairman